I Cannot Trust Those Guys…

We all know those people. Yes, those people who go against cultural norms, and live life against the grain. Those people who test the patience of society and their loved ones. Those who have traits that may cause people to put them in a certain ‘box’.

Yes. I’m thinking of the people who eat KitKat bars without breaking it apart before indulging. That is a kind of negative ora I do not need in my life. The jingle clearly states BREAK ME OFF A PIECE OF THAT KITKAT BAR. Is that not clear?

I might understand the confusion regarding the jingle. I don’t like to share my candy, so why would I break off a piece for someone else…however it’s like eating string cheese without stringing it (which that’s another rant within itself). If a product is MADE to be broken apart or eaten a certain way, then I highly suggest consumers abide by those rules!

What makes it worse? I fell in love with, and am engaged to, someone who does this. I know, I know. At first I was shocked I would allow this to go on. However, I guess when you love someone, you accept their tiny little quirks…even if it is something as serious and as this.

Now excuse me as I go grab a KitKat from my secret candy stash (don’t tell my fiancée) and eat it the right way.


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