Be Yourself. It’s Okay, really!

Happy Spring, Happy March, Happy Warm Weather (hopefully)!

Today’s post is not only based on real life experiences (young kids call that IRL –in real life), but also based on observed mannerisms I have seen lately.

In today’s world* it’s very easy to compare yourself to someone else and judge someone else on choices that they have made. There are many things that people do, say, and look like, that don’t necessarily fit in the social ‘norms’ to other people. A few of these items may include dressing a certain way, eating certain foods, weighing a certain weight, drinking alcohol, not drinking alcohol, having tattoos, driving a certain type of car, styling your hair a certain way…the list could go on.

I, personally, am someone who prefers not to drink alcohol. I have seen it affect people at it’s worst, and I have been around enough people who enjoy alcohol too much that it has shown me that I don’t need alcohol to have fun. Every so often I come across some people who don’t necessarily understand my choice to not drink, and that’s okay. All I ask is that if you do drink, please do not judge me in return for my choices. It’s very simple. If you are enjoying your life and your choices, then there is no reason you should be concerned about other people’s choices.

I see a lot of shaming going on through social media comments, and judgmental gestures. Today, I challenge each and every one of you to avoid thinking one negative thing about either yourself or someone you are around. It’s amazing how one positive thought can change your day or outlook on a certain situation.

My motto (I know you didn’t ask for a motto, but you’re welcome) for any judgmental or negative thought is simple; if it cannot be fixed in 10 seconds, then don’t bring it up or judge someone on it. How someone has chosen to live their life should not change how you view them.
I’ll get off my soapbox now. Don’t forget to spread kindness!


*I actually hate this saying, it’s very generalizing and over used, but allow me to use it.

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