Merry Christmas, Or Whatever.


I wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, or whatever you celebrate.

I hope all celebrations were filled with cheer and good laughs. If they were not, you obviously did not eat enough.



I really love this time of the year.  Holiday music, holiday decorations, and watching holiday movies is my idea of the perfect day at home. I am not one for going out to malls to shop a lot during the holiday season. I prefer to order my gifts online —because I am lazy and why would I go to the store, if I can get it from Amazon in two days. Now, the holiday season always makes me feel so thankful and blessed. I feel blessed all year round; I’M NOT HEARTLESS, but this year, specifically, I have felt uber-blessed.

Blessed for a healthy life and family. Blessed for being able to go to work, and having a home to go home to at night. Blessed for being able to afford gifts and shop online. But most of all, I feel I am blessed for living in a state that is towards the front of the alphabet.

It may not seem like such a big deal, BUT think about how much time I save when I am online shopping and instead of scrolling all the way down to Vermont, Virginia or Wyoming, I  only have to scroll to the C’s, to get to Colorado, and most of the time I don’t even have to scroll. What a blessing it is to have my laziness be so catered to.

The only way to describe it, is that I feel #blessed

(I used a hashtag, am I trending yet?)

Canines, Please.

An example of how dogs don’t understand the idea of a personal bubble.

I like animals. I grew up in a pet-free household (except for fish—because they don’t shed or poop on the carpet), but as I got older and I was around other people’s pets more often, I don’t mind them. I would definitely say I’m more of a dog person than a cat person. Cats and I need too much individual attention and I don’t need that kind of competition in my life.

The more I am around animals, the more I realize that they are actually really gross.

Exhibit A: a dog is let outside to go poop, then invited back inside, to then proceed to go sit on your couch or blankets WITHOUT WIPING THEIR BUTT. Um….could you imagine if humans didn’t wipe? *gags* Gross. What makes dogs so special that they don’t need to wipe? I think we need to put flattering knickers on dogs or create a nice little sanitizing spray for them to walk through on their way back inside. It would only be fair, I cover my butt AND wipe it…meet me half way here, canines!

Exhibit B: They don’t brush their teeth before bed or in the morning. Talk about HOLY DRAGON BREATH. Now, yes, I do know there is such a thing as doggie toothpaste and toothbrushes. However, a lot of the toothpaste is chicken, or some type of meat, flavored. How does that create fresh breath? Could you imagine if humans used garlic flavored tooth paste? No one would ever get past the first date….but that would be a great way to start population control..

Now excuse me while I go find a dog to cuddle.

Stay sanitary, everyone.


Oh, I didn’t see you there.

Do you come here often?

Thank you for making it this far on my site, you deserve a cookie. I would like to explain how this blog became about. We all have some of our best ideas while we are either in the shower, or laying in bed. One of my brilliant ideas –and I believe it has been the best one yet, was to create a blog that talks about all my shower thoughts and other people’s too. This is NOT a weirdo site where all I talk about is showers and weird things, and if you are looking for that, I apologize for letting you down… but not really.

I would like to warn you, as the reader, you will become knee deep in sarcasm…so my advice would be to roll those pants up! Pop a squat, put on your reading glasses (no judgement), and enjoy.