About Emily

This is me (right).
This is not me.

Oh Hey.

I am Emily, but you can call me Emily.

As you can tell from my picture above, I look like a quirky girl with a bubbly personality who just likes to have a good time. I like long walks on the beach and don’t even get me started about puppies. That’s what I think my online dating profile would say…but thankfully, my husband and I are pretty serious so I don’t have to have a dating profile.

I am very excited to have you along for my blog journey. Although, if I am being completely honest (and I promise to be honest for our entire time together), I am concerned as to why you want to read this…getting inside my head is a terrifying task. I am very sarcastic, and I try to be funny (key word would be “try”).

If you can roll your eyes, and giggle out loud, CONGRATULATIONS, you are qualified to read my writing.

We all have those ideas that happen in the shower*, and I will write about them. I hope I can bring you laughter, community, and commonalities that make you feel like you’re not alone.

I always like to warn readers, you will become knee deep in sarcasm…so roll those pants up or get out!



*Get your mind out of the gutter!