Public Restrooms: The Real Enemy (Part II)

Disclaimer: I am nervous to post today because I will be talking a lot about a valuable resource (apparently). Please know that today’s post was planned before the current societal status.

Part II of the Public Restroom Saga is here. Yeah, yeah. You can thank me later (or now. Either is nice). Incase you missed the previous installment, I discussed the utter embarrassment of needing to use a public restroom to only have the toilet creak out by the effort it is taking to hold you up. We all have shots to our confidence every once in a while, but nothing can prepare you for that one.

Today, I will discuss something that moves the marker to more of the disgusting side of public restrooms.


I am focusing on the disgust we all feel when we see wet toilet paper on the floor. Oh boy. I am just dry heaving as I write this*.

This occurrence happens a lot in the summer at swimming pools. You are having a great time in the pool, then you have to go to the restroom. Low and behold, you walk in with the smallest amount of protection on your feet, or no protection, and there is a pile of soggy, sticky, toilet paper on the ground. Now, I always have to be thankful to know that it isn’t used toilet paper, but the fact of the matter is, it is still toilet paper and it is still gross.

You immediately panic and try to pick a stall farthest away from the wet toilet paper. But you can’t get away from it. A small pile haunts every stall, and makes you contemplate ignoring nature’s phone call. After working up the courage to turn the other cheek (Pun intended?), you finish your business and exit the bathroom as fast as you can –after washing your hands I hope…

To put it into perspective on how disgusting this topic is. It took me quite a while to find a good photo for this post…BECAUSE THIS IS DISGUSTING! I thought about creating my own photo, but why would I do that to myself?o.jpg

In today’s state, I feel like I have mentioned toilet paper enough to put me on some form of list. The take away from today is if you drop any toilet paper in the bathroom, please pick it up. You are only making public restrooms more of a public health concern if you allow the soggy toilet paper tower to grow.

Stay healthy!


*In case you didn’t see the many disclaimers or are clueless while reading, I am very dramatic.

One thought on “Public Restrooms: The Real Enemy (Part II)

  1. biloxi plumber July 4, 2022 / 2:05 pm

    Using a public toilet with used toilet papers on the floor feels bad. I feel the guilt to pick all those up


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