I really love this time of the year.  Holiday music, holiday decorations, and watching holiday movies is my idea of the perfect day at home. I am not one for going out to malls to shop a lot during the holiday season. I prefer to order my gifts online —because I am lazy and why would I go to the store, if I can get it from Amazon in two days. Now, the holiday season always makes me feel so thankful and blessed. I feel blessed all year round; I’M NOT HEARTLESS, but this year, specifically, I have felt uber-blessed.

Blessed for a healthy life and family. Blessed for being able to go to work, and having a home to go home to at night. Blessed for being able to afford gifts and shop online. But most of all, I feel I am blessed for living in a state that is towards the front of the alphabet.

It may not seem like such a big deal, BUT think about how much time I save when I am online shopping and instead of scrolling all the way down to Vermont, Virginia or Wyoming, I  only have to scroll to the C’s, to get to Colorado, and most of the time I don’t even have to scroll. What a blessing it is to have my laziness be so catered to.

The only way to describe it, is that I feel #blessed

(I used a hashtag, am I trending yet?)

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